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About Us

DWEAR is your ultimate fashion destination. It is not your regular e-commerce platform that connects designers to the consumers. It is a support platform for stay-at-home fashion designers, free lancers, and open to all fashion curators part time/full time, seeking online presence. You can build your own online store i.e. an e-store on DWEAR for free. What’s more? DWEAR offers complimentary sales strategies, and aggressively markets your products to reach the right target audience to promote sales or online visibility for your label. What’s in it for our customers - we are obsessed with our customers! Our portal came into being to propaganda VALUABLE online shopping experience. You ask how? Fashion today is empty and valueless! It has become more commercial, and is saturated with pre-existing designers or brands. This has resulted in a loss of diversity in fashion- standardizing what we wear. Did you know, that we are all paying a price to look like everyone else. We, at DWEAR increase the number of available styles by encouraging talented fashion designers to use their sense of unique fashion and decrease the number of the same style. Yes, we make it personal; we find talent known or unknown and upload only the best. We also offer 'CUSTOMISATION TO YOUR SIZE' for fit enthusiasts. DWEAR is an exclusive portal and is open to members only on invitation. We only invite fashion designers, who have the potential of being FASHION ENTREPRENEURS.

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